Information for purchasers/invoice recipients

Invoice purchase is one of two alternatives when it comes to factoring. This form of financing has constantly increased in popularity over a long period of time. At Amfa Bank, we have produced this fact sheet to give purchasers/invoice recipients a good picture of what it means that your supplier sells his invoice receivables (invoices) to Amfa Bank.

The supplier’s strength gives the purchaser an advantage

There are several reasons a company chooses to sell its invoices. For many, this is a complement to other financing. To other companies, we may be the optimal financing solution during an expansive phase. Strong growth generally puts a strain on liquidity. In both cases, we raise your supplier’s liquidity. For one thing, this makes it possible to extend credit to you, the purchaser.

Smaller companies often have limited administrative resources. The most important thing is to focus on the core business. When Amfa Bank purchases the invoices, we also take over the handling of them. This means, among other things, that there is always someone who the invoice recipient can quickly get in touch with. In the case of a complaint, we immediately contact our customer so that the problem can be promptly solved.

Security for the purchaser

An invoice from Amfa Bank means security for you. Before we enter an agreement with your supplier, we perform a conduct and credit check. At the same time, we check that the supplier is registered for value added tax and has a tax clearance certificate. We only purchase invoices that are undisputed and entirely correct. Should we receive an indication from you that the invoice is not correct, it will be stopped and investigated. The fact that your supplier is liquid and can honour his obligations means security for you as the orderer.

Security and quality

It goes without saying that you as the invoice recipient will not find yourself in a worse position because we have purchased the invoice. We take over the invoice with the same right the supplier had and nothing else. Amfa Bank is a credit market company and is subject to the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Amfa Bank has the highest credit rating and is also a member of the Association of Swedish Finance Houses.

Competition and pricing

Amfa Bank contributes to the ability of other companies than those that are established and well-capitalised to take on larger orders. This in turn leads to healthier competition and contributes to lower prices for you as an orderer.


Amfa Bank were the first to offer invoice purchase in Sweden and has conducted these activities since 1993. No other finance company has the experience we have acquired in this area.